Webinar: Open Enrollment Comes But Once a Year

Every year, open enrollment serves as a challenge and an opportunity. There are a lot of moving parts that your HR department is responsible for. From legal and compliance obligations to conveying a lot of information to employees, your organization needs to be sure your enrollment systems and guides are updated and accessible to all eligible employees.

What rules have changed for HSA contribution limits, wellness notices and documenting offers of coverage? What needs to be accounted for in the informational materials that you provide employees?

Patrick Myers, VP and counsel, NFP Benefits Compliance, led a webinar that answers these questions and more. The webinar recording is available below and provides key information and updates. It also offers tips and solutions so you and your employees can make the most out of the open enrollment period.

In this comprehensive webinar, we covered a wide range of topics pertaining to open enrollment, including:

  • Plan updates
  • Notices
  • Distribution
  • Documenting offers of coverage
  • Including everyone
  • Cafeteria plan rules
  • HSA eligibility
  • Certification of employee-provided information
  • Fiduciary obligations
  • Designing open enrollment to fit your company