Elevate your company from a great employer to an exceptional one with ancillary benefits.

Modern benefits offer an incredible amount of variety, making it possible to put together a program as unique as your workforce. By adding a variety of optional programs that employees can pick and choose from, your company has a more competitive benefits plan.

Health plan options and retirement planning resources that support your workforce’s needs are the foundation of that. Ancillary benefits help companies build on that foundation to develop more specialized options for your people.

This can differentiate your business even further to applicants, and showcase appreciation of established employees. Additionally, these benefits can make an impact without negatively affecting your budget.

These benefits often provide invaluable security to program participants, covering aspects of employees’ lives that are ignored by straight health and retirement offerings. We can work with you to develop offerings for:

  • Pet insurance
  • Legal counsel
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Cancer coverage
  • Accident coverage
  • Term, universal and whole life insurance

Our strength is helping you get perspective. Staying on top of trends and researching options can be a full-time job, so we can help you by:

  • Identifying best-in-class options in your industry
  • Evaluating your current benefits ecosystem to see how it compares to similar companies
  • Strategizing based on industry trends to ensure the program you offer remains competitive over time

We help businesses like yours establish these benefits on your terms. Through our carrier relationships, our professionals have experience establishing competitive pricing. Our legal experts can assist by negotiating favorable underwriting concessions with major benefits carriers and legal expertise, too.

Whether employer-contributory or voluntary benefits fit your strategy, our expertise can make a difference as you develop, negotiate and manage the ancillary benefits that matter to your employees.