Navigating shifting regulations gracefully can feel impossible at times. Our experts can back you up.

Reporting and filing requirements, notification requirements, maintaining compliant offerings and navigating privacy considerations keep you busy. Keeping track of deadlines, on top of everything else, can be the last straw.

We use our in-depth industry knowledge to make things easier on you by offering:

  • In-house compliance professionals who dedicate their time to understanding the laws and regulations
  • A compliance checklist developed by former IRS and DOL attorneys with an employer size- and type-adjusted compliance audit and links to model notices/action steps
  • A web-based compliance portal with FAQs, a benefits compliance library and other resources, such as client-facing training webinars
  • Proactive updates, including our biweekly Compliance Corner newsletter on federal and state regulatory changes, podcasts, and links to model notices and upcoming deadline reminders
  • Healthcare reform modeling tools and resources featuring actuarial-backed tools for the employer mandate, plan design changes, excise taxes and more

Compliance can feel like an uphill battle. Fiduciary responsibilities aren’t getting any easier. Complying with privacy and discrimination laws isn’t always clear cut. Ensuring timely, compliant notice distributions is a logistical headache. Creating and communicating clear military and parental leave policies can be confusing, especially for companies that operate across state lines. That’s the tip of the iceberg, and the rules seem to be changing all the time.

Let our dedicated compliance professionals help you steer clear of common pitfalls, avoid costly mistakes and clarify your compliance practices.

Whether it’s a fully insured health plan, a self-insured plan or a consumer-driven plan, you’ll have solutions designed to help keep your employees – and your company – healthy and happy.