Protect your most valuable employees by offering support that truly cares for your workforce.

While the business disruption of losing one of your top-tier workers to injury or illness is difficult enough on its own, standard disability insurance can leave a compensation gap for your high earners, undermining the welfare of your business and leaving your affected executive out in the cold.

Bonus compensation and base salary above a certain maximum aren’t covered by regular disability benefits, leaving your valuable employees to contend with a disability and an income gap concurrently. What's more, disability benefits can be subject to federal, state and local taxes. With the right arrangements, however, you can make sure your highest-paid professionals have the coverage they need.

High limit disability insurance can protect your businesses and those elite executives to supplement the benefits under a group disability policy. For a business, high limit disability insurance can be purchased on a key executive or used in conjunction with a buy-sell partnership agreement to help protect and plan for the future of the business in the event of a disability. It offers financial protection in the event of short-term or career-ending injury or illness, and it can be used to protect your future earning potential as well as the non-guaranteed portion of a current employment contract. Regardless of the severity of the situation, disability income protection can safeguard your organization and the employees who have given it their best, day after day.

Our proprietary operating platform lets you implement disability income benefits for high earners with little impact on corporate HR through:

  • Increased coverage maximums
  • Protected bonus compensation
  • Tax-free benefits

Choosing the appropriate coverage is an important decision. Your needs will vary depending on your profession, your goals and other circumstances unique to your situation. NFP can help you determine which coverage best suits your needs.