As online threats such as identity theft, ransomware attacks, data breaches and social engineering continue to grow in frequency and severity around the world, NFP works to keep you protected.

Personal cyber insurance covers individuals for their personal online security risks and financial loss due to cybercrime.

Cybercrimes and risks include:

  • Online account takeover or compromise
  • Expenses incurred or financial loss due to identity theft or social engineering scams
  • SIM swapping incidents
  • Smart home device-related incidents
  • Ransomware
  • Cyberbullying and others

Home insurance and other standard policies do not provide adequate coverage for cybercrime. Fortunately, we offer various personal cyber solutions for individuals and their families, whether it be an endorsement of your home policy or a stand-alone policy. Not all policies are alike, and few provide coverage for all the risks you face today. As your insurance advisors, we can review your needs together and present you with solutions to protect you against cybercrime risk.

Personal Cyber Options

Cyber risks can often feel beyond our control, but there are easy-to-obtain solutions to protect you and your family. In addition to the product range available through our partners, we have developed DigitalShield, a stand-alone personal cyber product to protect all aspects of your life. Our DigitalShield product is an online insurance policy that can be purchased in under five minutes.

This policy covers financial losses and cybercrimes if you are a victim and need to make a claim, and also provides pro-active support to help you 24/7 with any question you have. It removes the guesswork, whether it be about your home network, your personal safety online, or if you need to review a suspicious call or email you received. This bonus cyber concierge service gives you and your family members access to reliable support to bring you peace of mind.

Comparing Options

Whether you choose a stand-alone policy like DigitalShield or want to learn more about add-ons to your current policy, when trying to deal with the unexpected, we're committed to providing a broad range of coverage to protect our clients, their families, homes and assets. DigitalShield provides the most comprehensive stand-alone policy available today, with options starting at $200 per year.

If you’re not sure what coverages you should be looking for in a personal cyber policy, here’s a simple comparison chart to help.

What's Covered Protection
Other Policies
Stand-alone policy
Coverage for all family members of the household (at home and while traveling), unlimited devices, and all locations you own or rent worldwide included in one policy
Access to a personal cyber expert 24/7 (available to assist you with cyber concerns and inquiries or to make a claim)
Broad limits of coverage available (starting at $100,000 and up to $1 million)
Identity theft and financial loss coverage (with no sublimit)
Cybercrime coverage (including social engineering, phishing, online scams and SIM swap, with no sublimit)
Cyberattacks coverage (with no sublimit)
Cyberbullying and cyberstalking coverage
Protection for your activity online (such as online accounts, online banking, shopping, social media)
Ransomware and extortion coverage (with no sublimit)
Smart devices and wearables coverage (including entertainment systems, appliances, home monitoring systems, cameras, thermostats and other connected home devices)
Reputation management, well-being costs (psychologist and more), relocation costs, tutoring/school costs and legal service fees (covered when associated with a claim)
For informational purposes only. This document does not amend, extend or alter coverage. Please refer to any actual policy(s) for specific terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions.

An Ongoing Commitment

Whether you experience a suspicious call, a full-blown ransomware attack, a compromised online account, or other cyber or privacy event, our team is dedicated to working with you to provide proactive support and in the event of a claim, achieve a fast, equitable resolution to the most complex scenarios.

To learn more about how you and your family can benefit from NFP’s cyber and technology leadership and solutions, contact us today.

Facts on Cybercrime

Check out this infographic containing important cybercrime facts from the DigitalShield team.


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