Signing the lease is the first step. Dealing with risk is what’s next.

If you rent a home, town home, condo or apartment, the landlord or owner is typically responsible for insuring the building, but little else. So, what does that mean for your belongings should something happen?

Your property – clothes, furniture, electronics – isn’t covered by your landlord’s insurance. So it’s important to protect yourself from the unexpected by finding a renters’ insurance policy that fits your needs.

Standard renters’ insurance includes personal property coverage, which covers basics like clothing, furniture and appliances in case they are damaged by fire, water or vandalism. It also protects you against theft.

Although standard renters’ insurance policies cover the basics like your property, other options include:

  • Personal liability coverage – covers medical costs if you’re responsible for someone getting injured at your home.
  • Loss of use coverage – helps you pay for lodging should your home become damaged or uninhabitable.

Protect yourself today by getting renters’ insurance to guard yourself against the unexpected, with replacement cost coverage and claims services.