You know the family you work with inside and out. We know insurance.

A successful family office builds trust. The trust that comes from making smart decisions day after day, year after year, to support the family you work with. Whether you work with multiple families or one, and whether those families are multigenerational or a single household, the decisions family offices tackle are involved (and often complex). When you bring in an outside expert to organize personal insurance, you want to know that expert is as dedicated as you are.

We are, first and foremost, consultants.

Our family office teams are engineered to make your life easier and ensure your client’s possessions have efficient insurance coverage, no matter how far flung or unique those possessions may be.

Service-First Approach

High-quality service is paramount. When a family office begins a relationship with NFP, they can expect several things:

  • Relationship continuity: The consultant who begins your relationship with NFP will be part of your team on an ongoing basis. We don’t distinguish between “sales” and the service experience. Reliability is vital to a strong working relationship.
  • Risk management approach: We gather copies of all current insurance, and search for ways to consolidate and create efficiencies. A family with six homes might have six different policies through six different insurance companies — making them a relatively small customer with little sway at each one. As a national firm, our team can ease administration, ask the right questions and set up an insurance strategy that is advantageous to your client, working with insurance companies directly to position their risk strategically.
  • Ongoing interaction: After placing insurance for your clients, we stay in touch. We monitor the situation on an ongoing basis, with touchpoint frequency determined by the complexity of the insurance portfolio. At a minimum, we follow up once a year before renewals. For more complicated cases (such as insuring collectors), we touch base more frequently — several times a year, monthly and any time your client’s portfolio changes.

Your Purpose-Built Team

We ensure our teams contain all the skillsets necessary to move forward effectively. Tactical professionals proactively dot i’s and cross t’s to ensure each new coverage transaction is positioned well and completed quickly. Consultants and analysts offer insights into trends and advise on key next steps.

The size of your NFP team will vary depending on the size and complexity of your client, but will never be smaller than three people for a single family.

Many family offices run into challenges when client needs outgrow a local broker relationship. Particularly in a difficult market, national reach is vital. As a national team, we are able to consolidate client risk under a core insurer, making them a larger client with more leverage. For clients in more difficult markets (such as California and Florida) a strategic broker and strong insurer relationships can be the difference between securing coverage and being declined. Our depth of expertise, combined with our scale, allows us to overcome the many complications that can lead to service issues when working with smaller firms that simply cannot keep up.

A dedicated team with a national network can open the door to better service, better pricing and better terms. Our experts have been in the business a long time and can provide the senior guidance and insurance best practices that are vital to long term success.

Access, Resources, Support

NFP helps family office clients safeguard their assets and preserve their wealth for generations to come. We provide clients with access to the specialized resources of a company with offices throughout North America along with a high level of personalized service.

We can help with whatever your clients need covered, including:

Contact us to learn how we can help your clients with the personal risk coverage they require.