Cover the risks that come with every lift, swing and step with a strategy ready to handle any exposure or accident.

When building anything – whether it’s a high-rise or a risk mitigation strategy – successful execution of a project starts with a successful design. NFP’s construction insurance experts understand your needs and can devise a strategy to create value for your specific endeavor.

We understand that when an issue or loss occurs, there could be significant financial impact from the process of repairing or replacing machinery, personnel or property. We have extensive experience placing property programs that include builders risk, marine and contractor’s equipment. We focus on the particulars that matter, such as coverage wording, maintenance of proper limits and comprehensive evaluation of our clients’ assets. As business risks are ever changing, we’re here to provide guidance and make sure our clients’ programs adapt.

Our contractor coverage experts bring together a nationally recognized team of construction industry professionals focused on furthering your projects and organization. By establishing necessary risk mitigation, you’ll have the grounding necessary to capitalize on opportunities and operate at full capacity in this highly competitive marketplace. We offer specialty coverage and insight for contractors of all kinds, including:

  • Building contractors
  • Heavy/highway contractors
  • Environmental contractors
  • Marine contractors
  • Specialty contractors:
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Controls
    • Plumbers
    • Sheet metal
    • Curtain wall

Our professionals understand the unique challenges you face every day and are ready to work with you to analyze and improve your risk management strategy. Reach out to learn how we can support your business needs.