Successful execution of a project starts with a successful design.

Professional liability exposures are not limited to issues with design, however, and also may be complicated by increasingly complex contractual arrangements, integrated construction/design approaches, new technologies and many other factors.

NFP professional liability experts help you to evaluate and pursue risk management strategies to mitigate your professional liability exposure, ranging from robust contracting practices that can provide a strong line of defense against potential professional liability exposures, to sophisticated insurance programs designed to respond comprehensively to losses.

Before we begin to evaluate your professional liability insurance coverage needs, we strive to understand your business. A thorough understanding of your business practices, business goals, appetite for risk, risk management goals and financial objectives is paramount to optimizing any professional liability insurance program.

Professional liability is extremely complicated, and the details matter. NFP can help you understand:

  • The coverage that you have
  • The coverage that you may need
  • Not only the cost, but also the value of your program