Individualized programs designed to assist lenders with creating new revenue and positive loan growth.

The Equity Protection Program creates more loan opportunities and measurable growth for your home equity portfolio by increasing your LTV parameters and guidelines, thereby expanding the loan options for your borrowers. Innovative lenders are successfully using this program to reach their revenue goals and increase their customer base.

How It Works

We individually underwrite each lender to design a customized pricing structure and set of underwriting guidelines that suit your particular needs and increase your loan offerings up to $250,000 per loan. Our delegated guidelines include debt- to-income ratios as high as 45%, and FICO scores as low as 660 for most loans and lines of credit.

We insure the following loan types:

  • 100% HELOC
  • 100% Purchase Money
  • 100% Closed End
  • 133% Secured Home Improvement
  • Unsecured Home Improvement

There are no monthly minimums or implementation fees and no cost to the lender as premiums are passed through via the interest rate. The program allows the lender to decide usage within CLTV ranges, i.e., 80%-100%, 90%-100%, 80%-90%.

Transferring Risk of Loan Default

Your risk of loan default is transferred; claims are paid for 100% of the outstanding balance, eliminating costly foreclosure and REO expenses which improves your balance sheet. As a result, many lenders are also able to reduce their loss reserves.

Providing High-Quality Service

Our team members focus solely on the Equity Protection Program and have over 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of Underwriting and Servicing. We've developed a product that seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows and procedures without the need for extra staff hours. Comprehensive training and ongoing support for your staff are always available, and we take pride in our reputation for providing excellent service.